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Restaurant POS System

Delivering great customer service by managing orders, payments & promotions.
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Staff Management

Manage your staff and assign values individually.
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Inventory Management

Minimizing the cost of holding inventory.
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Entry Level Management

Recipe management saves production time and evaluates material cost.
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We provide real time analytics and reporting, which helps you to view, track, manage and update your inventory with POS solutions.

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Assistant Accountant

Mastering Mobile and Tablets

Providing experience in multiple platforms

provides better experience in order to keep potential customers busy in your business. Dependency is a myth, so fact is what we believe in. Fact that works on all possible screens.

Easy and fast table ordering.

Collect payments via various modes.

Take orders directly from mobile application.

Track and manage orders and KOT’s.

Easy and fast table ordering.

Collect payments via various modes.

Take orders directly from mobile application.

Track and manage orders and KOT’s.

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Super Analytics

Digitization overlooks functional and operational vision of any restaurant industry. Data statistics will collectively help independent franchises to succeed in modern business panorama.

  • +Cloud Kitchen
  • +Billing Software
  • +Profit Curves
  • +Sales Statistics
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Recipe Management

A well known entrepreneur is the one who keeps record of every single penny he is investing. Recipe management helps you to calculate the amount of raw material required for each recipe and avoid wastage of any.
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CRM Integration

In today's world it's necessary to bring back your former customers rather going out in search of new ones. Your retained customers will help you define the taste and class of your restaurant and bring in new ones for you. BINGAGE is a platform which provides you loyalty points and offers to retain your customers with ease.
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Franchise Module

Multiple business platforms are your growth which you set up with your hardwork and functionality, but to manage the working of each and every outlet is not that easy. So our billing and management software makes difficult tasks look easier and easily operational to manage your different outlets on a single screen at same time.
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SMS and Ebill

People depend more on digital use rather than pen and paper for billing, because it adds more innovative grasp and helps you to save money plus collect data of your customers. Our software integrates with digital partners like MSG91 to provide you messages to forward it to your customers about your deals and offers related services.
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Purchase Manager

Manage inventory & vendors and there payments easily
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Managing pre-order recipes efficiently
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Counter Person

Manage billing and other financial needs of the restaurant
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Manage orders of different tables at a time
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Roles and Permission

How great is to run a car with no danger when it is perfectly aligned, so here what does it align and provides a specific task for specific employees of your business which helps your business to work with uncategorised issues. Altogether task management will help you grow your business.
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Loyalty Program

The best and smoothest in industry, retain every single customer who bills. Now give cashbacks on every order. Decide on percentages or fixed cashbacks, set expiry. To keep an eye on what your customer really urges for to provide them what they need.


Our Integration

Which business does not want to be a zenith, so your dream is a catch for us. provides integration with emergent partners to provide a platform to work efficiently.

  • +Payment Gateway
  • +Loyalty Wallets
  • +Food Delivery Partner
  • +Accounting Partner
  • +Messaging Partner
  • +Wallets